While there are thousands of testimonies and anecdotes that describe how great Temple is, the numbers don’t lie. We know Temple is great, but objectively, it’s pretty amazing. Here are 5 reasons to consider a move to Temple, TX.

#1 Low Cost of Living

Unlike other Texas cities, the cost of living in Temple has remained relatively low compared to its growing job market and population. Compared to the national average, the cost of living is 20% lower and the cost of housing is 41% lower than U.S. national averages.

And with more than 40 parks and 60+ sports facilities, there is no shortage of fun. By keeping the cost of living down, Temple residents can enjoy a fast-paced work environment without the stress of cramped city living. Also, saving more money on everyday amenities means there is more money that can go toward creating exciting,  new memories.

#2 Short Commutes

Situated between Dallas and Austin, Temple welcomes commuters from all industries on a daily basis. During the work week, over 8,000 commuters travel to Temple. And with the average commute time being 17.7 minutes, who can blame them?

That is definitely less than what commuters face in the traffic-filled bigger cities. Plus, by opting for a shorter commute time, you save time for doing other fun activities. No one likes being stuck in traffic after a long day at the office, so why not make a move?

#3 Safety & Comfort

When planning a big move, safety and comfort are of utmost importance. Current and future residents of Temple can rest assured that the city is one of the safest towns in all of Texas. In fact, it ranked 31% higher than the national average in Safety Ratings. Not only is the city far safer than most, it’s also very comfortable.

With 227 days of sunshine, Temple’s temperate climate keeps residents feeling good. When rated on the Climate Comfort Index, Temple scored 7.3 out of 10. The U.S. average is 5.4/10 – ouch. With so many beautiful days ahead, it’s no wonder why so many people and top-tier businesses are choosing to expand their horizons. Trust us, the grass is definitely greener here in Temple, TX.

#4 Population Growth

As Central Texas’ booming employment hub, it is no wonder that Temple’s population increased by 10.6% in the past five years. And with five new major expansion projects in the works, the city’s population is forecasted to grow by 7% between 2020 and 2025.

In the past year, Temple has invested $366M in quality of life infrastructure to guarantee a high quality of life anyone would be proud of.

People drinking at a bar

#5 Increased Tax Base

A primary goal of Temple Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is to create business opportunities and in turn, enrich the city with improved quality of life infrastructure. A significant part to achieving this goal is implementing new ways to increase the tax base of the city. The Temple EDC does this in two different ways. On one hand they work by attracting new businesses, workers, and citizens, all of whom are spending in Temple, increasing sales tax revenue for the city. On the other hand the companies they attract contribute to the taxable real property and personal property within the city. 

With an increased tax base comes more investments in Temple and its many businesses. With no signs of stopping, the exponential growth in the city’s tax base is most evident in its Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone or TIRZ. In the past decade alone, Temple’s TIRZ has grown by 278% contributing even more funding to improve infrastructure and quality of life projects for Temple businesses and residents alike.

Sunset bird's eye view of downtown

In conclusion, Temple is the ultimate choice for those looking for a growing city with the benefits of small-town prices and community. From the booming job market to the low cost of living, Temple is truly the best of both worlds. And if you’re ever looking for more reasons to move to Temple, check out our website to learn more about life in our great city.