Thirty minutes down the road is all it takes to get from United States Army post Fort Hood to the beautiful city of Temple. With a short commute like that and the many veteran-focused offerings of Temple, it’s no wonder that thousands of veterans have found their homes here post-service.

One: Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, the close proximity of Fort Hood’s army base to the blossoming city of Temple is a huge benefit for any veteran . Settling down in the home of your dreams in Temple while still having convenient access to travel back to base means that inactive duty members can continue their involvement with any U.S. Army affiliations plus maintain their personal and professional connections.

Two: Healthcare for You and Your Family

There is not a better city to be found for veterans in need of medical care. In fact, the Temple VA Medical Center and the Baylor Scott & White Pavilion are both ranked in the top five facilities for veterans in the state of Texas. In addition to physical medical care, mental health and PTSD resources are available to any veteran who may need them — easing the transition from base to home for you and your loved ones.

Temple’s medical network is extensive, providing service to veterans, children, and families alike. Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Hospital is located nearby, with an extensive list of offerings, from general pediatrics to specialty pediatrics.

For more information on Temple’s medical network, read The VA, Children’s, and General Hospitals: Temple’s Premier Medical Network.

Three: Peaceful, Relaxing, Natural

Beyond the tangible benefits of lower housing prices, extensive medical care, and convenient location, Temple boasts an array of beautiful parks, lakes, and other outdoor amenities. Whether you’re looking to take a stroll on one of our many hiking and biking trails, play a game of basketball with some friends, or have a Sunday picnic with your family, Temple’s parks and recreation offers it all to you – free of charge.

For golf fanatics, visit one of Temple’s two golf courses: Sammons Golf Course and Wildflower Country Club

To learn more about Temple’s parks, check out Hiking, Biking, and Anything in Between: Temple’s Blissful Outdoor Scene.

Four: Property Prices & Housing Assistance

Veterans hit the jackpot when it comes to housing in Temple. Not only are our housing prices already a staggering 30% below the national average, there are several other benefits and resources that can be utilized to guarantee that your dream home becomes a reality.

Locally, Temple’s U.S. Veterans Affairs Department offers continual housing assistance to inactive duty members and their families. On a larger scale, the state of Texas offers a multitude of benefits to veterans when it comes to housing:

  • 100% property tax exemption for disabled veterans, including reductions on home assessment values for those with 10-90% disability.
  • Below-market rates on home loans for all veterans, dropping even lower for those with 30% or higher disability.
  • One of nine state-funded veterans homes is located in the city of Temple.

For more information on resources and benefits provided to veterans in the state of Texas, click here.

Five: Education & Resources

For veterans looking to begin, continue, or advance their education, Temple College offers programs that are specifically tailored to veterans, whether it be fast-tracking a degree, mental health, or any of the other services the Military and Veteran Service Center provides.

In addition to onsite assistance with degree planning, counseling, and transitional assistance, Temple College offers a plethora of support services and programs that allow veterans to take full advantage of the benefits offered to them by the state and federal government. To read more, visit the Temple College Veterans page or Veteran Benefits page.

With so many benefits and amenities that are directed specifically towards veterans and their families, it’s no wonder that many have already chosen Temple as their home after active duty. Will you do the same?