From furniture, to technology, to cutlery and other plastic products, Temple’s collection of manufacturing giants is sure to impress.

With an infrastructure perfect for connectivity and the city’s low cost of living, Temple is a hub for manufacturing businesses. Temple’s central location allows businesses to connect with up to twenty-eight million people within a radius of less than a three hour drive. Planted directly on I-35, providing access not only throughout Texas but from Mexico to Minnesota, Temple’s cost of living is about 20% below the national average. This includes lower transportation costs, which in turn helps manufacturing companies distribute goods with ease. Business is only growing in Temple, so let’s take a look at some of the top manufactures.


Headquartered in Temple, Texas, Wilsonart is a leading manufacturer of engineered surfaces like laminate and quartz. They create surfaces for residential needs, offices, hospitals, schools, and hotels. Decorative and functional, Wilsonart is dedicated to providing quality surfaces – just the way their customers want it. 

A main competitive advantage for Wilsonart has been the efficient distribution of products, made possible thanks to Temple’s infrastructure and location. Ralph Wilson Sr., who founded the company in 1956, built his home with cutting edge applications of laminate. Built in 1959, the house is a testament to the product’s durability. Bright colors and seamless edges due to innovative “post-framing” make this home one of a kind. The house is still standing to this day, and is now open for tours (by appointment) Monday through Friday.

Texas Hydraulics

Texas Hydraulics has been a leader in manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders for over 50 years. In fact, they were founded in Temple in 1968. In 2016, they were acquired by Wynnchurch capital, a private equity firm. They specialize in custom made hydraulics with a mission to always find the optimal design and value for their customers. Texas Hydraulics primarily caters to construction and industrial equipment.


Artcobell specializes in classroom furniture, breaking through the boundaries that boring, outdated furniture creates. Desks with unique shapes are designed for creative configurations, allowing students to collaborate or find focus individually. Media center designs and “maker spaces” allow for improved creativity and purposefulness. Artcobell doesn’t just make furniture, they make learning opportunities possible.

worker computer


Acer specializes in laptops, computers, monitors and more for both home and office use. Specific product lines cater towards the needs of games, creators, and educators. They aim to innovate existing markets, while simultaneously expanding to new boundaries. They don’t just respond to consumer needs, but also the needs of the environment. Their green design, sustainable packaging and transportation, and dedication toward product recycling all help to positively impact the environment.


Pactiv Evergreen is the world’s manufacturer of food service and food packaging. They produce and sell everything from wraps like foil or plastic, to trays, drinkware, and catering products. They also own EarthChoice, the broadest selection of sustainable packaging available to the public. Products in this line include cardboard products, products made from recycled materials, and products designed for composting.


Whether you realize it or not, Carpenter brings comfort to your life every day. They are the world’s largest producer of comfort cushioning products. Whether it’s bedding, furniture, or carpet, Carpenter probably plays a role in how comfortable you are in your home or office. Manufacturing products like molded foam, urethane foam, carpet cushion, and furniture fiber application, Carpenter is able to accelerate business with their Temple location.

Reynolds Consumer Products

Whether you’ve realized it or not, there’s a high chance that you’ve used at least one Reynolds product multiple times in the last week. Reynolds makes a wealth of consumer products, whether it be plastic cutlery for your dinner party, or the Hefty trash bag you forgot to take out before trash day. Reynolds products include Reynolds Wrap, Hefty products, Fresh-Lock Zipper, and Slide-Rite Slider. They make cooking easy from preparation, all the way to cleaning up and storage. 

Though Reynolds and Hefty only merged in 2010, Hefty’s roots in Temple date back to 1970. In 2018, Reynolds upgraded their Temple location with the help of grants approved by Temple EDC Board of Directors. This investment also meant the addition of new jobs which, thanks to the reliable, skilled workforce in Temple, benefitted both Reynolds and the residents of Temple.

A Manufacturing Hub for the Ages

With a prime spot on I-35 and a central location between big cities in Texas, Temple is the most efficient place for manufacturing businesses. Temple’s infrastructure makes transporting manufactured goods a breeze. Businesses like Wilsonart, Reynolds Company, and Texas Hydraulics have excelled here for years. With land for commercial property, Temple, Texas has great promise for manufacturing businesses of all kinds.