Baylor Scott White Health McLane Children’s and other hospitals employ one-third of Temple’s population

Resilient and caring individuals make up the core of the health care industry. Thankfully, Texas has one of the most well equipped and comprehensive health care networks in the nation, comprised of teams that keep the good of patients and their colleagues top of mind.  

In Temple, Texas, health care professionals make up 30% of the local population and hospitals are supported by a mix of research facilities and institutions dedicated to maintaining a flourishing medical community. A plethora of hospitals, life science businesses and startup companies also contribute to making Temple one of the best places in the Lone Star State to build your healthcare career.

Whether you’re practicing as a registered nurse, a physician’s assistant, a medical administrator or in another capacity, if you’re looking for a community that can support your career growth, you’ll find it here.  

An Ecosystem of Medical & Knowledge Facilities 

Time after time, cities with robust industry clusters have proven to collaborate and innovate more effectively. In Central Texas, the concentration of health care institutions in the Temple Medical and Education District (TMED) create ample opportunities for medical professionals at every level:   

The region is also home to several higher education institutions that provide students with direct access to hands-on training and internships: 

  • In collaboration with BSWH, Baylor College of Medicine is opening a Temple campus at TMED with plans to welcome its inaugural class of 40 students in fall 2023.  
  • Located just minutes from its clinical partners Baylor Scott & White Health and the VA hospital, Temple College offers a variety of academic programs that prepare students for success in healthcare professions.  

Life Science Businesses 

Temple is also a thriving hub for life science businesses, ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical device companies. One notable example is QuVa Pharma — a sterile products company that has been recognized for its groundbreaking research and developments. The company has more than 800 employees across the United States. 

Many other life science businesses call Temple home, including biotech firms, medical device manufacturers and research and development organizations. With a supportive community and ample resources, Temple is poised to become an even bigger layer in the life sciences industry in years to come.  

Shaping the Future of Health Care in Temple 

The region’s commitment to growing its medical community spans across industries and education levels. In 2021, Temple College partnered with the Temple ISD to create the Temple Bioscience Institute Middle College program. Through the program, Temple ISD students receive STEM-focused training with the potential to be selected for a research experience. The initiative ensures existing and future life science businesses will have the talent they need to succeed in the region, making Temple an attractive community for continued growth and investment.  

The Temple Health & Bioscience District (THBD), which was formed in 2004, also works to promote the region’s rapidly expanding health science community.  Governed by a seven-member board, THBD has been a part of statewide conversations about the future of healthcare, keeping Temple top-of-mind for companies looking to be at the forefront of innovation. 

Interested in becoming part of a community that provides quality health care services — with the resources to make workers feel supported? Explore jobs in the medical field on our career page and see what opportunities await in one of Temple’s most promising industries.