This Earth Day, do something that will benefit not only the environment but also the community of Temple. From personalized messages that keep our parks beautiful to something as simple as recycling, there are plenty of ways you can help the environment in Temple. It’s time to unglue yourself from the computer screen, and take action!

Spring Cleaning for the Environment

Keep Temple Beautiful is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping Temple beautiful, clean, and flourishing with healthy plant life. They host volunteer events like the Great American Cleanup and Don’t Mess with Texas® Trash-Off to bring the community together for the greater good.

What better way to care for your environment than to participate in the Great American Cleanup? This year marks the 24th annual cleanup. It’s the nation’s largest community improvement program, involving nearly 3 million volunteers nationwide. The event takes place from March 21 through June 22, so you can participate month long. The event focuses on litter pickup to promote cleaner parks, roadways, and public spaces.

Alongside the Great American Cleanup program is the Don’t mess with Texas® Trash-Off which takes place from April 1st through April 30th. During the Trash-Off,  states all across Texas will help to clear Texas roadsides of litter. The great thing is, anyone can participate! Visit Keep Temple Beautiful to read more about these events.

Plant a Memorial Tree

If you want to do something great for the environment, for your community, and for yourself, then planting a Memorial Tree is the perfect contribution. The type of tree planted will depend on the location and what species is necessary for the park to continue to flourish. Temple Parks and Recreation will help you find the perfect tree and location.

Then, a dedicated plaque will be placed next to it. All plaques are made of high-quality, outdoor rated materials so your message will never fade. The plaque can be dedicated to anyone or anything you choose – a passing, a birth, a wedding, a graduation, or simply someone you care about. 

Memorial trees are wonderful because you’re able to benefit the environment, enhance the beauty of Temple parks, and honor a person or event that is important to you. The tree will improve air quality, provide shade, and bring joy to Temple park-goers for years to come. To order a memorial tree, visit the Temple Parks and Recreation website.

If you are unable to donate but still want to plant a tree yourself, Temple Parks and Recreation has instructions on how to plant a tree.

Picket Pals

Another lasting contribution you can make to Temple Parks Foundation is through Picket Pals. It all started when Leadership Temple purchased personalized picket fences that helped pay for the Whistle Stop Playground equipment. Like Memorial Trees, Picket Pals pay a lasting tribute that you can remember for years to come. 

A personal name or business will be engraved on the picket which you can visit anytime you like – all while helping to maintain and improve Temple parks.

Electronic Recycling Day

Electronics don’t belong in the trash. They often contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury which need to be disposed of properly. That’s why Temple works with Computer Crusher Recycling during the entire month of April, encouraging citizens to take action, and learn the proper places to dispose of electronics. 

For information on which electronic items are suitable to recycle, click here.

Many businesses around Temple will take your unwanted electronic items throughout the year, including:


Reduce the Use of Electricity

Another easy way to care for your planet is to limit the amount of electricity used. Try using natural light throughout the day instead of turning on artificial lights in your home. Make an effort to stay off technology for the day and unplug items that aren’t in use. Lastly, and most importantly, get some fresh air. Staying off of your phone won’t be boring if you’re enjoying one of Temple’s many outdoor recreational areas!

Challenge your family to some friendly competition by heading over to one of Temple’s many sports facilities. Whether you want to play disc-golf, soccer, baseball, or tennis, there’s a park for you.

Visit Discover Temple’s website to narrow down your search for the best recreational area.

If the lake is more your style, Temple Lake Park is sure to keep the family entertained. You can take your boat out on the lake or enjoy the beach swimming area. They also have a basketball court, volleyball court, ample picnic tables, and a playground to keep the kids busy. 

For a more scenic environment, visit Miller Springs Nature Center on Leon River. It’s a free, self-guided nature preserve where you can hike, mountain bike, fish, rock climb, and observe wildlife. With scenic overlooks and winding trails, Miller Springs is a great place to escape the online world and connect with nature. Regardless of what kind of outdoor adventure you’re seeking, Temple has options.

Making big changes starts with small steps. The collective actions of Temple residents help to make big changes in the environment and enhance the natural beauty of our city. Visit our website to learn more about outdoor recreation and volunteer opportunities in Temple.