PDI software, based in Temple, Texas, helps petroleum wholesale and convenience retail businesses thrive through digital transformation software. Founded by Greg Gilkerson in 1983, they have over three decades of experience in providing people-first solutions. PDI’s mission is to create services and software that allow businesses to do work electronically.

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“We strive to give our customers the tools they need to increase visibility, optimize their operations and improve fuel margins,” said Sid Gaitonde, senior vice president and general manager of Logistics Solutions at PDI. 

PDI helps companies in the wholesale, retail, C-store, and petroleum industries optimize their business processes by using IoT technology. They deliver real-time data through information captured from automatic tank gauges (ATGs) and other devices. They are paving the way by closing digital divide gaps with a cloud-optimized, secure infrastructure.

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Think Globally, Act Locally in Temple

PDI believes that through digitization they can improve the global community. Their global reach helps companies in more than 50 countries. More than 500 companies, including over 50,000 locations worldwide rely on PDI’s software. They also have a strong local presence through regional offices. 

Their Temple location employs 300-500 people making it a great opportunity for those entering the technology world. Jobs at PDI range from positions like software engineer, IT project manager, data engineer to systems administrator. They are currently working from home which provides numerous remote work options. In 2017, however, they opened their 33,000-square-foot building with an open floor concept and 10 collaborative spaces featuring a state-of-the-art training facility. The site of its office headquarters is located on the Lakes of Central Pointe, home to several other technology businesses. They also have locations in Dallas, Sugarland, and across the world including India and Europe.

PDI Gives Back

PDI is continually giving back, with commitments to the Un-Included Club and Children’s Miracle Network. The Un-Included club helps young children foster self-confidence and self-empowerment through several programs like Un-Included from Illiteracy, Obesity, Bullying, and a Leadership Development program. The Children’s Miracle Network helped raise more than $1.3 million dollars in 2020 to benefit the McLane Children’s Medical Center in Temple. These donations help fund equipment, research, and patient care for children in Temple.

Increase Operational Efficiency with PDI

PDI is working with industry leaders to help digitize the ecosystem and revolutionize the petroleum wholesale distribution and convenience store industries. Their goal is to provide modern technology that creates value for their customers. They accomplish this through offering web-based services, managed services, remote monitoring, data optimization technology, and business intelligence solutions. These services help companies improve their bottom line by increasing operational efficiency. PDI’s services have helped revolutionize the technology industry in Central Texas and across the world.

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