Started in 1952 by Clarence Edison Fikes as a single Texaco filling station in Cameron, TX, The Fikes Companies have grown tremendously over nearly seven decades with a total annual revenue of over $500 million.

The Fikes Companies Origin Story

The Fikes Companies are a group of companies primarily catering to the petroleum, ATM, and convenience store sectors. Fikes Wholesale, Inc, the parent company, is a multi-branded petroleum products marketer that offers and distributes high quality fuel products from big industry names (like Shell, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, CITGO and Valero) to retail stations throughout the Southeastern United States. 

Which Companies Make Up The Fikes Companies?

      • With a name taken directly from its founder (Clarence Edison Fikes, initials CEF), CEFCO Convenience Stores currently have over 200 stores in 6 states. CEFCO became the name of the first company started by Fikes in 1952.
      • Group Petroleum Services is a seasoned player in the gasoline and diesel freight delivery business with over 35 years of experience. Although they are based in Texas, GPS serves 6 states in the Southeastern United States.
      • Founded in 2001 by The Fikes Companies, CORD Financial Services is an award-winning ATM independent sales organization. They provide services such as: ATM placements, cash management ,transaction processing, and more.
      • Digital Network Solutions is an industry leader in providing fast and reliable cloud-based ATM transaction processing, terminal management systems, and state-of-the-art tools to help others grow their ATM businesses. They provide an innovative end-to-end ATM management approach.
    • Fueling their customer’s success since 1958, Fikes Fuels specializes in supply and delivery for commercial fuel — headquartered in Temple — and terminaling and storage for refined petroleum products — headquartered in Waco.


Fikes’ Impact and Success in Temple

2011 marked a huge growth and notoriety point for Fikes with the completion of their new 20-acre headquarters campus. The HQ includes a two-story 42,000-square-foot building and is located at Temple’s Airport Park at Central Pointe. This location, both for its centrality and infrastructure, continues to provide The Fikes Company with growth opportunities and community recognition.

The Fikes Companies are involved with just about every aspect of a standard trip to fill up your tank. For the gas you’re putting in your car — Fikes could be the supplier, distributor, or transporter. If you’re running into the convenience store to grab a snack, and it’s a CEFCO — boom, Fikes again! And if you need to grab some cash before hitting the road again, there’s a good chance that the ATM was bought through CORD or uses DNS software.