Temple is located a mere 30 minutes from the military base of Fort Hood, Texas, making it the perfect place for veterans or families of active-duty members to call home. Not only will the outdoor parks and attractions allow for a smooth transition to civilian life, but the tight-knit culture and continuous hospitality of the city will make you feel welcome.

Resources for Veterans and Families

Temple offers its veteran citizens an abundance of support, whether that be through community outreach projects and volunteering, housing assistance and options, specialized plans for furthering your education, or high-class healthcare. For more information on all of these resources, visit the Texas Veterans Commission website.


Though there are a number of ways in which veterans can receive help and assistance during their transitions, a strong community of kindhearted people is a necessity; Temple, Texas provides just that. Much of the community frequently dedicates their time to volunteering at various veteran-focused organizations, including VA hospitals, food drives, service celebrations, and other events.

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In addition to the low cost of living in Temple (a whopping 30% below the national average), Temple’s US Veteran’s Affairs Department offers housing assistance to veterans and their families. There are also a plethora of options on the housing market, from historic homes to new, state-of-the-art builds; whatever unique tastes and needs you have, Temple provides.


For some, the transition to living life as a civilian includes forwarding their education. Temple College offers specialized programs for veterans and military service members and provides mental health and transitional help through their Military and Veteran Service Center. For more information, visit Temple College’s Veterans page.


Temple is home to several hospitals, including the Temple VA Medical Center, the Baylor-Scott and White Pavilion, and Everest Rehabilitation Hospital. Both the Temple VA Medical Center and Baylor-Scott and White Pavilion are ranked in the top 5 VA facilities in the state of Texas. The Baylor-Scott and White McLane Children’s Hospital is also located nearby, so your whole family will be taken care of, no matter what.

Healthcare, mental health, and PTSD resources and help facilities abound in Temple, making the transition from base to home easier on you and your loved ones. To find more medical and mental health resources in and around the Temple area, visit Make the Connection’s website.

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Making a Home in Temple

Aside from the multitude of medical, financial, educational, and community resources that Temple offers, it also offers the pleasures and activities of classic city life. Whether you are taking a stroll through one of Temple’s several outdoor parks and trails, dining at a local restaurant, or doing some shopping in historic downtown or the Temple Mall, there’s something for everyone.

Temple Makes Transitioning Easy

Temple, Texas presents veterans with an endless amount of opportunities to create a smooth transition from base to home. Taking advantage of the city and all it has to offer is a no-brainer, so what are you waiting for? For more information on careers, housing, and lifestyle, visit meettemple.com