Whether you’re looking to get out in the sun with some friends, or take a stroll down one of Temple’s hike and bike trails, we’ve got the place for you!

Temple, Texas is a rapidly growing city with businesses, restaurants, recreational facilities, and outdoor oases aplenty. With its location in the Central Texas Hill Country, it’s no surprise that Temple’s options for outdoor activities are not only abundant and practical, but also beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about Temple’s greatest outdoor locations, perfect for playing sports, getting out with friends, or just relaxing on an afternoon stroll.

Crossroads Park

Kicking off our list is Temple’s newest addition – Crossroads Park.  Located on Research Parkway in west Temple, Crossroads is the perfect place for lovers of sports – or friend groups that like to partake in friendly competition. Crossroad Park’s four baseball fields, four softball fields, six tennis courts, seven soccer fields, and one multipurpose field make for plenty of room for any and all sports.

And for our hikers and bikers – say hello to the most extensive trail network in the city! Crossroads Park has 1.4 miles of trails within the park’s perimeter, as well as an additional 2.5 miles around the outside, connecting it to 3.5-mile Pepper Creek Trail and .5-mile FM 2305 Trail.

Lions Park

Coming in at a whopping size of 100 acres, Lions Park is one of the largest parks in the area. With its large size comes a long list of incredible amenities, features, and sights.

Children can run around and play in the park’s two playgrounds, have lunch in the sun at one of Lions Park’s 12 picnic tables or two picnic pavilions, or check out the wildlife in the pond.

For a nice day out with your friends, use one of the park’s grills to cook up some burgers, play some disc golf on the designated course, or start up a game of softball at one of four fields.

Those who love to hike, bike, run, walk, or anything in between, good news! There is a two mile hike and bike trail located that runs right through the heart of Lions Park, so you can scope out your next outdoor day with friends while getting in a good workout.

Ferguson Park

Located in East Temple, Ferguson park is a 10-acre outdoor paradise complete with a playground, a splash pad, two baseball fields, picnic tables and pavilions (including grills!), and restrooms. Whether you’re looking for an after-work getaway with some close friends, a picnic day during the weekend, or a friendly game of baseball, Ferguson Park provides the city of Temple with the perfect outdoor hangout.

Jackson Park

Though it is smaller than Ferguson Park, Jackson Park’s 7.7 acres provide the same natural and recreational amenities. These include a playground, two basketball courts, picnic tables and pavilions with grills, and restrooms. This park also has a hike and bike trail that extends for a half mile, allowing those who enjoy their afternoon walks or bike rides to take in the environmental beauty of Temple.

Miller Park

For those looking to score a goal or two in the summer sun, Miller Park is the place to be! In addition to many of the same amenities as Lions Park, this 30 acre paradise is home to two soccer goals, perfect for a quick (or not so quick) game of soccer with some good friends.

There is also a .75-mile hike and bike trail perfect for some quick exercise. If you’re craving a more intensive workout,  stop by any of the ten fitness stations along the trail.

South Temple Park

Looking to take a day to spend time with family or friends in the great outdoors? South Temple Park has enough activities to take advantage of the summer sun and splash around to cool off! 49 acres of luscious lawns, a playground, a disc golf course, and a .75-mile trail call South Temple Park their home.

Not to mention, South Temple Park is home to Lions Junction Family Water Park, complete with all of your favorite water park attractions and amenities. A lazy river, three-story water slides, a splash zone, swimming pool, climbing wall, and lounge areas all in one place? Get ready for the best day of your summer!

Walker Park

We’ve all heard of the new hottest game out of Washington state: pickleball. Those looking to get in on the action should head straight to Walker Park! Located in North Central Temple, Walker Park can become your new outdoor gym. With 4.4 acres of room, a walking and jogging trail, and a swimming pool in addition to pickleball/tennis courts, Walker Park is a great place to break a sweat while soaking up the sun.

Temple’s Outdoor Scene

Planning your next weekend (or weekday) getaway in nature? Check out some of Temple’s most relaxing parks and find your next solo or group adventure! Spark up some friendly competition with pickleball, tennis, soccer, swimming, or disc golf, or get that heart rate up with numerous hike and bike trails. Temple has it all, and it’s open to the public; so what are you waiting for?