Hudson Mfg. is a new firearm manufacturer based in Temple, TX. For the past three years, Hudson has been working on an innovative new pistol to be launched at SHOT Show 2017. This new design combines a striker fired system with a 1911 style single axis trigger. The culmination of the countless hours of design and testing resulted in a product that has never before been successfully created. This new pistol design boasts multiple new patents sure to disrupt the standards and expectations of the firearms industry.

As a new member of the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, Hudson Mfg. exhibited at the NASGW Annual Expo in Kansas City, KS. Showcasing the new H9 pistol was met with excitement and anticipation by a multitude of industry insiders who were able to see it for the first time. The show was an immense success and was the launch of their initial teaser campaign. Teaser details can be found at the microsite, Each week, the site unveils a new chapter and details about the new H9.

SHOT 2017 will find Hudson Mfg. hosting members of the media and buyers at Industry Day at the Range where individuals can experience this flagship product; the all new Hudson H9. Hudson Mfg. wants to thank everyone for visiting Industry Day at the Range by being the sponsor of the buyers’ lunch. Be sure to stop to see and shoot the all new H9 pistol at the Hudson Mfg. shooting bay.

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Headquartered in Temple, TX, Hudson Mfg. is a veteran and woman run small business producing the new and innovative Hudson H9 pistol. The flagship product, the Hudson H9, is a unique and original design combining the features and benefits of some of the most successful products in the firearms industry. Hudson Mfg. is a company comprised of passionate and experienced subject matter experts from across the firearms industry.