Employer branding is how your business is perceived by employees and potential candidates and therefore helps attract the qualified talent that your company needs.

The first stage in creating your brand is planning. We’ll break it down to show you exactly what that looks like.

#1 Create a Stakeholder Checklist

The first step in the planning process involves communicating with stakeholders. Understand their current perceptions of the business and how your brand should be positioned.

Spend some time discussing diversity, as this has a huge impact on your employer branding. Question your company’s values, mission, and culture and what is currently being said about your business. Consider the traits you’re looking for in applicants and be sure they align with the culture.

Next, identify goals for your employer brand. This should include short and long term goals. Decide how much time and what resources you’re able to allocate toward these goals.

#2 Write an Execution Plan

Once you’ve talked with stakeholders and established your company’s culture, it’s time to start writing an execution plan. While taking budget into consideration, establish a long-term plan that allows for flexibility. Creating a backup plan is the best way to stay flexible and to respond efficiently if desired results are not achieved initially. 

Now that you have a plan in place, decide how to delegate this throughout different departments. This helps employees to feel involved and understand how they impact company culture in their own way.

Gather content from employees, such as video, photos or testimonials, to create an authentic representation of your brand. 

Once you’ve created a plan, consider the long haul. What can you do to maintain employer branding? Sustainable growth will strengthen your branding plan better than fast results. Start small and adjust as needed.

#3 Establish Your Online Presence

Now that you’ve talked with stakeholders and created a plan of action, it’s time to establish your presence online. Diversifying your content across multiple channels will yield the best results. Consider which social media platforms you’ll be using and what additional channels work best for your company.

Next, consider how design and content will communicate your brand personality. Having consistent colors, themes, and tone of voice will increase your company’s recognizability. 

Creating a plan is the first stage in strengthening your employer brand which will maximize employee retention and productivity. Attract the right candidates for your business with our three easy steps.