Learn what it's really like working for KPA Engineers as Emma Cox highlights her experience as an engineer in training.

  1. Tell me in just a few sentences about yourself and what you like most about what you do.

I am a recent civil engineer graduate from Texas A&M University that can be found wearing a sweater and cardigan in the Texas summer heat and planning my next hiking/camping trip. I have always loved fixing problems whether they were mine to fix/meddle in or not I always wanted to find the best possible solution. Being a civil engineer allows me to use the knowledge I have learned in school and during my time at KPA to find solutions to real world issues within the surrounding communities.

  1. What gets you most excited about coming to work?

The candy stash in my office, but honestly everyone at KPA. Even on the days when deadlines are fast approaching and tensions are high there is always a joke being made, an Aggie football game to talk about, or someone’s newest woes to laugh with to break the tension and keep everyone in the correct mindset to enjoy the workday.

  1. What makes you want to stay at KPA?

Totally cliché but I actually enjoy going to work every weekday at KPA. I am a problem solver at heart and working on projects at KPA allows me to turn what I do anyway into a full-time job. Everyone also basically has an open-door policy meaning whenever I have any questions about anything project related I can just go and ask without hesitation or worry about them being too busy to help me.

  1. Why does it matter to you to work somewhere that provides purpose and meaning?

You spend 40 or more hours a week working. That is a significant amount of time each week/month/year spent in an office. Without the purpose and meaning behind what you do, it is just another job, another paycheck, and another 40 hours spent each week counting down the hours til Friday at 5pm. Working at KPA Engineers provides a purpose, to me, to go to work every day because what I do at work affects not only my life, but everyone else relying on civil facilities such as water and wastewater access or drivable roads.

  1. What were your first thoughts when you heard about KPA?

I was excited for the ability to have a civil engineering internship (turn full-time position) in my hometown without having to move to a larger city for work, I had been looking into having to do internships in the Austin/Dallas/Houston areas before finding out KPA Engineers was basically in my backyard. I was excited I could have a job where I would be involved in projects that would make a direct impact on the lives of people that I grew up knowing.

  1. What’s your favorite part of working with the KPA team?

My favorite part about working at KPA has got to be everyone’s willingness to be hands on in my learning process as a new EIT.


If you’re interested in interning or a career with KPA Engineers make sure to check out their website!