PDI (www.pdisoftware.com), a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, wholesale petroleum, and logistics industries, today announced it has acquired Inform Information Systems, Ltd (“IIS”), known commercially as FuelsPricing, a leading pricing and analytics solution for the fuel distribution industry.

FuelsPricing’s software provides comprehensive price management solutions for fuel distributors, helping programmatically increase both volume and margin. Its highly configurable pricing systems allow operators to better predict and adjust to fluctuations in pricing from suppliers and competitors’ posted prices, while also providing analytics capabilities to better understand prior pricing behavior and forecast future market movements.

This adjacency expansion complements PDI’s enterprise software solutions for the convenience retail and wholesale petroleum industries, where customers need to deliver competitive pricing and optimize their operations, while broadening PDI’s capability to serve customers better. The acquisition will add some of the biggest, most well-known brand names in the petroleum and fuel industry to PDI’s customer roster. It will also expand PDI’s portfolio and increase the company’s footprint around the world to include Brazil to Japan.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered West of London on the banks of the River Thames in Maidenhead, in the United Kingdom, FuelsPricing has experience providing analysis and pricing for more than 35,000 retail service stations and over 100,000 business-to-business shipping locations for petroleum wholesalers. It services customers in over 50 countries, ranging from independent retailers to large, multi-national integrated oil companies.

“We are excited to add the FuelsPricing solutions to PDI’s software platform. FuelsPricing was an early innovator in designing pricing systems and algorithms that have since become the price optimization engine of choice for many of the world’s most successful fuel operators,” said Jimmy Frangis, chief executive officer, PDI. “PDI is a preferred technology partner for fuel suppliers globally when it comes to mission critical back end systems, such as managing business processes, tracking finances, and improving overall operational efficiency.  The addition of FuelsPricing allows PDI to extend its leadership in the global fuel industry to front end systems, helping our customers optimize their operations and drive revenue and margin to improve overall business performance.”

“We are delighted to reach a strategic agreement with PDI,” said Mark Scanlon, chief executive officer, IIS Ltd (FuelsPricing). “PDI’s focus on innovation, global reach, industry expertise, and reputation for excellent customer service align seamlessly with FuelsPricing’s long-term goals and evolution.”

The acquisition of FuelsPricing is a strong complement to PDI’s enterprise and provides PDI with nearly three decades of expertise in the complex field of fuel pricing forecasting and optimization.

Some years ago we selected software which would assist Applegreen in assessing, analyzing, and amending pricing decisions, taking into consideration market prices costs and fiscal condition,” said Joe Barrett, chief operating officer, Applegreen. “With its proven track record in the retail petrol industry, the package was chosen to work in real time and integrate with our existing systems. The system, along with smartphone and web page input, does a great job of facilitating the availability of pricing and analytics information throughout our company. As our portfolio of sites has increased, this has resulted in more efficient sharing of information and proactive and competitive pricing.  We continue to be pleased with the software’s functionality and FuelsPricing’s customer service.  With our recent significant growth into the U.S. we are very excited to see the PDI acquisition of FuelsPricing.”

FuelsPricing’s software will be added to PDI’s portfolio of solutions. FuelsPricing software solutions are delivered via hosted servers or on-premise, depending on the specific needs of the customer. Customers will have access to flexible and strategic pricing strategies, dashboard metrics and improved regulatory compliance – an important component to understand based on unique rules that vary from country to country. FuelsPricing’s solutions have consistently met the most stringent security and regulatory requirements by the industry.


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