TEMPLE, Texas – PDI, a leading provider of enterprise-class automation software systems to the convenience retail, petroleum marketing and foodservice industries, today announced the general release of its newest software offering, PDI/Enterprise 8.

“PDI/Enterprise 8 is the manifestation of our vision to provide a single software solution for our customers,” said Greg Gilkerson, president of PDI. “More than ever before, this release streamlines and consolidates our system architecture while improving communication and real-time data visibility across the entire operation.”

Improved Forecasting and Visibility

PDI/Enterprise 8 offers a totally new “big-data” merchandise ordering system. The system is complete with forecasting tools to anticipate inventory adjustments based on long-term historical trends, seasonal demand, holidays, events and promotions. A new dashboard also gives retailers increased store-level visibility, allowing them to proactively address inventory issues.

Enhanced Inventory Management

PDI/Enterprise 8 introduces a new POS trickle feed journal collector that facilitates real-time inventory, accurate ordering, optimal staffing levels, transaction-level promotional reporting for suppliers, and enhanced market basket reporting. Support for delivery notes enhances real-time inventory accuracy by allowing retailers to update inventory in advance of receiving electronic supplier invoices with advanced back-end reconciliation.

Redesigned Customer Portal

PDI/Enterprise 8 delivers a fresh approach to customer relationship management with a new customer portal for petroleum marketers. In addition to its modern, responsive design, the website adds plenty of new functionality, including forecasting tools for more accurate ordering, fleet card maintenance and reporting, and warehouse price notices.

Unified Platform

The launch of PDI/Enterprise 8 consolidates several PDI products into a single browser-based software system, allowing retailers and petroleum marketers alike to manage critical parts of their operations—particularly inventory—from a single place. The new platform also significantly reduces the software deployment requirements for current customers.

About PDI PDI provides software, hardware and professional services to convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum marketers. Over 350 companies operating more than 30,000 locations worldwide rely on PDI’s software systems for retail automation, supply-chain management, business intelligence, financial reporting, and employee time and labor management.

For more information about PDI, visit www.profdata.com.