TEMPLE, Texas (Sept 23, 2016)— The Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) today announced Southwest Contract, which has operated in Temple since 1997, will build a new warehouse facility. The 40,000 square foot, $2.5 million facility will be located on 6.9 acres on the corner of Industrial Boulevard and Eberhardt Road in Enterprise Park.

“Southwest Contract looked at other areas to expand including the Dallas area but chose the community where they have been a successful business and employer for close to 20 years,” Temple EDC President David Blackburn said. “Southwest Contract is making a significant capital investment in our community with their new facility.  We are proud to have local companies that are growing, expanding and continuing to choose Temple.”

An economic development agreement based on the capital investment of the project was approved by the Temple EDC Board of Directors on July 19 that includes a land and cash grant.

Southwest Contract currently operates out of 12,000 sq ft warehouse space and 7,000 sq ft office on Professional Drive and ships high-quality furniture to college and university campuses across the nation, creating environments within student housing that offer students flexibility, versatility, space savings, and safety in a home-like atmosphere.

“We have partnered with Panel Specialists, Inc. since 1997 in serving the college and university housing market, Owner and Founder, Southwest Contract, Lee Thompson said.” “We had two goals when entering this phase of our business.  We obviously needed more space and we also wanted to be closer to our partner, Panel Specialists Inc.  Our new location is about two blocks from the main manufacturing facilities. We are thankful for the support provided by the City of Temple and the Temple EDC.”

Southwest Contract is a family owned business with the Thompson family moving to the Temple in 1985.  Steven Thompson lives in Temple and is in charge of the Temple operation, additional offices are also located in Southlake, TX and Nashville, TN.

MW Builders, a local contractor, was chosen to design-build the new facility.


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