Due to its prime location and infrastructure, many major manufacturing companies have chosen to operate and even locate their headquarters in Temple, Texas. In addition, the city works hard to create a favorable business environment for manufacturing companies.

In support of these businesses, Meet Temple and Temple Chamber of Commerce are hosting events for Manufacturing Day (MFG) – an annual event to connect manufacturers with community members and potential job candidates.


The Manufacturing Institute – Manufacturing Day

Held annually on the first Friday of October, Manufacturing Day (MFG) is a day to encourage thousands of manufacturing companies to open their doors to community members and community leaders. The event is hosted through an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding partner. 

With a plethora of high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs that need to be filled within the industry, MFG day is the perfect time for students, teachers, and members of the workforce to learn more about the major manufacturing companies in their area.

How The Temple Chamber Supports Local Businesses

Temple Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven non-profit dedicated to improving the region’s quality of life and quality of business. The Chamber is constantly looking for ways to develop the future of Temple and provides a place for business owners, leaders, and staff to network with and learn from one another. They also help to monitor current legislation on business-related issues, acting as an advocate for businesses in the community of Temple.

Members of The Chamber can be found in the business directory, helping them increase their recognition and loyalty. They feature many of the city’s businesses on their blog to support their growth and to spread awareness about their offerings. They also host monthly Business Lunch gatherings where Temple Chamber members can connect, receive Chamber updates, and gain valuable information. 

Temple Chamber of Commerce also hosts frequent job fairs including partnering with Meet Temple for the Manufacturing Job Fair that will be held at the Workforce Solutions of Central Texas. Jobs fairs hosted by Temple Chamber of Commerce can benefit both high school and college students, as well as highly qualified candidates who have already joined the workforce.

Find a Job You Love in a City that Excites You

MFG Day is the perfect time to get to know the manufacturers in Temple. If you need help preparing before the Manufacturing Job Fair, we have a comprehensive list of tips for job seekers on our blog page that can point you in the right direction.

The average salary for a manufacturing job in Temple is $70,916. With housing costs that are 30% below the national average, and an average daily commute of only 17 minutes, your salary will take you further in Temple than anywhere else. Plus, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and fun events in Downtown Temple, you can always find a free way to relax and unwind.

In fact, one of the most important, yet often neglected aspects of searching for a job is how it will affect your personal life. Whether you currently live in Temple or you’re looking to relocate for the perfect job in manufacturing, finding work-life balance that works for you will come naturally. No matter what you enjoy doing outside of work hours, Temple has options for you.

Join Meet Temple and Temple Chamber for MFG Day

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a community member, or a business owner, Temple Chamber of Commerce and Meet Temple can help you gain access to the resources you need most. 

Temple, Texas offers excellent schools which funnel into the pool of job candidates and has real estate costs that are well below the national average. Additionally, the city’s infrastructure and tax incentives are designed for manufacturing businesses and their employees to prosper.

As MFG Day approaches, don’t forget to find a time to connect with the manufacturing leaders in Temple and see how you can start or grow your career. Whether you’re currently living in Temple or you plan on relocating for a career in manufacturing, we have plenty of resources on our website to help you find the right career and the right home. View a list of MFG day events in Central Texas or visit our job page to browse open manufacturing positions in Temple!