Of the many trickle-down effects of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, one shines brightly for Texas businesses, workers, and residents: Texas has attracted numerous corporate headquarters to relocate from other states around the country, in what Governor Greg Abbott describes as an “absolute tidal wave.”

As companies like Oracle, Tesla, and Hewlett-Packard flock to Texas, now is a great time to highlight the opportunities that await in Temple. Remote work, autonomy, and easy access to nearby Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio highlight the city’s prime location within the best state for business. As you recruit the right talent to achieve your business goals in 2021, here are a few tips to help your work appeal now more than ever:

What income tax? Texas is only one of seven states in the country that does not levy income tax. When combined with a cost of living 20 percent lower than the national average, and easy access to world-class healthcare at home, living in Temple saves without sacrifice. As a bonus, Texas does not collect property tax at the state level either.

Search jobs, find opportunities. In Temple, jobs grew by 5,754 over the last 10 years totaling 45,544. Opportunities are abundant here, as is access to shopping, dining, and outdoor recreation. These quality of life attractions solidify many candidates’ decision to live and work in Temple. In addition to a six-industry job search tool, the Meet Temple website features resources from Workforce Solutions of Central Texas, Texas Workforce Commission, and eight higher education campuses.

Do the math. Locals in Temple pay less for housing, groceries, healthcare and just about everything else. However, spending less doesn’t mean earning or amenities take a back seat. Money talks, so candidates can see just how much further their dollars will stretch with the Meet Temple Cost of Living Calculator. For example, a candidate earning $50,000 in San Francisco would extend his or her salary by 55 percent by moving to Temple, where:

  • Groceries cost 40 percent less
  • Housing costs 79 percent less
  • Utilities cost 16 percent less
  • Transportation costs 34 percent less
  • And healthcare comes in at 10 percent less

As you kick off the new year with new goals, remember to add the Meet Temple Employer Toolkit to your recruitment strategy. Fully equipped with the Meet Temple brochure, images, videos, and brand guidelines, the employer toolkit has everything you need to market Temple to individuals looking for a new home in the sixth most affordable city to live in the country. Welcome them home in style to Temple, Texas. Visit MeetTemple.com for access to all of our tools, and remember to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest updates from our growing community. Happy New Year!