Navigating a career in the tech industry can be a challenge for a number of reasons, but finding the right job in the right city can be the difference between a frantic and a well-balanced lifestyle.

With many tech companies located in expensive and congested cities, employees may get overwhelmed with the fast-paced lifestyle and competition of keeping up with the “rat race”. With many tech companies located in expensive and congested cities, employees may get overwhelmed with the fast-paced lifestyle and competition of keeping up with the “rat race”. Temple, TX combines small city vibes with big-name tech employers. Explore this rapidly growing city with a booming economy that is quickly becoming known as a great place to live and work.

Thriving Tech Businesses

Central Texas is known for its strong and growing economy, which is especially apparent in the Temple-Belton area. In fact, this region has one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Texas.  A big part of that success comes from Temple’s thriving tech sector.

Tech professionals in Central Texas are lucky because they have so many opportunities for employment available right now. Some of the most notable employers in Temple include PDI, TTEC, Datamars, and McLane Technology Partners.


PDI is the leader in reimagining enterprise software, helping businesses find success in today’s digital economy. PDI has digitized the logistics workflow by capturing data from automatic tank gauges (ATGs) and other devices. This transformation has helped companies increase operational efficiency, lower costs and enhance supply chain visibility. The PDI national headquarters is located in Temple, Texas, providing numerous career possibilities such as:

  • • Software engineer
  • • IT project manager
  • • Data engineer
  • • Systems administrator



TTEC is an American customer experience technology and services company. They focus on strategy and analysis, technology, and outsourcing to transform customer experience with lasting results. Their outcome-focused solutions meet companies where they are at, to propel them into future growth. Some of their positions include:

  • • Lead Business Analyst
  • • Systems Architect
  • • Systems Engineer
  • • Senior Network Engineer


Datamars specializes in identification information management, helping livestock owners work quicker and with ease. Though they are internationally recognized, their U.S. headquarters, called Temple Tag, is located in Temple, Texas. An emphasis on research and development has helped Datamars to grow. They have several career teams for tech professionals such as:

  • • Information Technology
  • • Sales & Marketing
  • • Research and Development

McLane Technology Partners

McLane Technology Partners is a company that provides project management, software development, and maintenance services to clients throughout the United States. They bring people, processes, and technology together in order to create solutions for technology development challenges. Their headquarters, located in Temple, offers positions in various career opportunities including:

  • • Information Technology
  • • Application Development
  • • Software Engineering

We know how hard it can be to find great companies to work for, but fear not, because there is no shortage in Temple.


Lower Cost than any Other Tech Hub

Central Texas offers a great alternative at a substantially lower cost. The area is also an attractive location because it offers many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. There are many parks and outdoor spaces where you can take part in recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking or camping. Some of Temple’s other perks include:

  • • Many new job openings in IT fields such as network administration and web design are expected to increase exponentially due to the local universities’ focus on STEM programs.
  • • The cost of living is significantly lower than other major metropolitan areas. This includes transportation costs at 15% percent below the national average, competitive real estate and affordable groceries.
  • • A moderate climate making it a comfortable place to live year round.
  • • A growing population and thriving economy that is attracting new businesses all the time.
  • • Fun, family events in downtown Temple.
  • • Easy access to both Austin and Dallas, with major airports in both cities.

You know what it’s like getting caught up in the chaos, traffic and high prices of big tech cities. Temple offers the small town feel without sacrificing the business opportunities.


A Place for Growth and a Place to Call Home

Temple is a city that has plenty to offer ambitious techies. The people are down-to-earth and friendly, so you can always feel at home unlike in other big metro hubs. With many new job openings available and a cost of living that is significantly lower than other major metropolitan areas, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else.

As the technology world continues to grow exponentially, there are endless opportunities. Meet Temple is an organization that works directly with employers and potential hirees in and around Central Texas to expand our beautiful city. Explore more tech career positions through the Meet Temple website.