With this ultimate guide to homeownership in the heart of Central Texas, Temple newcomers can feel like a true local as soon as they step foot in our town. Discover advantages of living in Temple like a low cost of living, the booming real estate market, and storied neighborhoods.

Big City Benefits, Small Town Charm

Established in 1882, Temple has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a railroad town. With several leading businesses choosing to locate their headquarters in Central Texas, it’s no wonder why so many people are planning to relocate.  Situated on the I-35 corridor, Temple commuters are only a short distance away from Austin and Dallas. And with a living cost that is 20% lower than the national average, hard-earned dollars go a lot further here than in larger Texas cities. So if you’re seeking a town with big city connectedness without the hefty costs, then look no further. Welcome to Temple!

Cost Of Living: A Sure Steal

We all know everything is bigger in Texas and as far as Temple goes, savings are no exception. Not only is the cost of living 20% lower than the national average, the average cost of housing is even lower. In Temple, homeowners pay 30% less than the national average on housing. Additionally, the cost of groceries in Temple is the lowest in the nation. If you’d like to see how your salary compares to the cost of living in Temple, use our Cost Of Living Calculator.

Real Estate: A Buyer’s Paradise

One of the most striking features of Temple living is the host of beautifully renovated properties on the market listed at even more attractive prices. From historic, Victorian homes tucked into spacious suburbs to sleek Downtown lofts, there is sure to be something that fits your personality and lifestyle. No matter what your personal style is, you’re sure to like Temple’s low housing prices. The national average housing price is 41% higher than that of Temple meaning home ownership is actually attainable, unlike other cities. And even if buying a home is not an option for you, the average rent price ranges from 36-46% lower than the national average. Regardless if you are a prospective renter or buyer, everyone can benefit from the massive savings that come with living in Temple.

Neighborhoods: The Many Faces Of Temple

A significant benefit of living in a city that is over a century old is its inherent charm. Over the years, city limits have extended far beyond downtown. Whether you’re a young professional with a blossoming career or a busy family, read on to discover the personality of each Temple neighborhood. 


Kicking off this list is where it all began, Temple’s historic downtown. As the heartbeat of Temple, downtown has so much to see and do. Lined with century-old buildings, this district showcases our town’s charming heritage. Don’t be fooled, however. Inside all of these historic buildings lie unique boutiques, sleek loft apartments, top-rated restaurants, and live music venues. Historic downtown is ideal for young professionals looking to make the most of their free time. 

West Temple

For the more adventurous households, West Temple is ideal. Locals have their pick between the shores of Belton Lake and the picturesque Miller Springs. Filled with lakeside bars and eateries, this coastal neighborhood offers million dollar views without the high price tag. Just a fifteen minute drive to downtown Temple, residents can enjoy the water while staying connected to the heart of the city. 

East Temple

Known for its wide open spaces, East Temple is the ideal location for working families. It’s prairie-like landscapes are perfect for creating fun memories outdoors  with the entire family.And with Temple’s big businesses located in your neighborhood, driving to and from the office is a breeze.  But despite all of the land, East Temple is a tight-knit community with a must-see arts and culture scene. 


As Temple’s premier suburban oasis, comfort and convenience are in no shortage in Temple’s fourth neighborhood, Midway. Located among Temple College and the Temple Health & Bioscience District, Midway is known for its healthcare. For the shopaholics in the family, Midway is also home to a vast array of prominent shopping sites. 

But, no matter if you’re a buyer or a renter, Temple is guaranteed to have the perfect home for you. If you want to learn more about living in our great city, please visit the Meet Temple website to learn more.