Temple has a strong heartbeat that is fueled by its caring community and family-friendly environment. It’s also rated as #10 on the list of most affordable places to live in Texas. Beyond being such an enjoyable and affordable place to live, Temple also has a flourishing career scene. Home to global headquarters and growing enterprises in the tech, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, Temple is a place where anyone can build their dream life. 

No matter what stage you’re in – a college student, someone looking to transition into a new industry, or a veteran ready to enter the workforce – Temple has resources to help you find a position you love. With these tips for job seekers, you’ll be able to land the job you love in a city you’ll never want to leave.

Know What You’re Looking for in a Career

This first step in finding the perfect job is to establish clarity on what you want. The goal is to be happy long term, so it’s important to consider what kind of work-life balance you need. Be aware of the responsibilities and tasks that you enjoy and those that you dread. Consider whether you enjoy leading a team, or if you prefer to be an individual contributor. In addition to the role itself, it’s crucial to know what kind of company culture and organizational structure best suit you.

Learn to Listen

Oftentimes, job seekers get so caught up in portraying themselves as the perfect candidate that they forget to listen to the potential employer. Active listening is a powerful tool to have in life, both in interviews and in the jobs themselves. The art of conversation lies in knowing how to listen – if you show your employer you can listen attentively, they’re more likely to trust your ability to communicate in the workplace.

Additionally, learning to listen will give you a better glimpse of whether you’ll be happy in the job long term. A job interview is a two-way street. Not only is the potential employer assessing your capabilities, but you should also be asking questions to get a better understanding of the position requirements and company culture.

Network, Network, Network

Though your skillset, previous experience, and work ethic can take you far, when it comes to finding a job – it’s all about who you know. The more people you know, the more people they can connect you with. If you have a large circle of people in your industry or position to network with, your chances of landing a job you love will improve significantly.

You can start by sorting through your contacts in your personal phone or on LinkedIn. If you find that someone you know is living in Temple, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them some questions about how they got started in their career there. 

Networking is all about making connections with people. The good news is, you’re never alone in this feat when you live in Temple. With plenty of resources and frequent job fairs, connecting with others in your field will be easier than ever. The Temple Chamber of commerce hosts networking and other events where you can easily meet people who can help you progress in your career.

Customize Your Resumes

If there’s one thing you should avoid doing, it’s sending in an application the minute you find a company you like. Be sure to do your research first and see what the company’s values are. Then, you can personalize your resume to align with the company. You’ll also want to include a cover letter in every resume you send. This is your chance to show a little personality and really connect with the company you’re applying to.

If you need help building your resume, Workforce Solutions of Central Texas offers resume workshops in addition to self-assessment tools, training and education, and networking opportunities. They also offer resources for veterans entering the workforce.

Set Yourself Apart with Letters of Recommendations

In addition to personalizing your resume, you can also set yourself apart with letters of recommendation. Talk to your previous employers, professors, or mentors and ask them to write a letter about your strong suits. Employers will appreciate hearing another person’s perspective about your qualifications.

Stay Positive by Keeping the End Goal in Mind

Sometimes the job search can feel endless, but it’s important to keep a positive attitude and be patient enough for the right job to come your way.  When you’re passionate about the end goal, it’s a lot easier to keep moving forward. 

The idea of living in a community as great as Temple is more than enough to keep you motivated. After all, finding a job you love is only half of the battle. If you don’t love where you’re living and the people who you are surrounded with, the nine to five won’t be worth it. 

In Temple, Texas, we work hard and play harder. With so many opportunities for recreation including an abundance of beautiful greenery and lively events in downtown Temple, you can enjoy your personal life and come back to the office feeling refreshed and ready to work. Plus, with a low cost of living, your money will go further in Temple than anywhere else.

If you want to live in a community of people who have your best interest in mind, Temple is the place for you. Visit our careers page to browse open positions in any industry.